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When we set out to create a better product (read our co-founder story), we found a LOT of inferior products on the market. Products touted benefits that would only kick in if you spent your entire day consuming mountains of the ingredient. Products with baseless claims that pretty much do nothing. Products that were not tested in independent US labs.

The worst thing we found? Ingredients that contained toxic levels of the chemicals mercury, arsenic and lead. Yes. That was quite a shocker. Our premise was simple. Create a product we would all feel good about giving to our own family members to promote their joint health. (Important note: we love our family a LOT).

Lab grade ingredients confirm product quality

We began product development to create a powerful blend that would support joint health. A blend that was easy to take and would get into the bloodstream—where it needs to be—to work most effectively. Once the blend was developed, we sourced the ingredients and sent them to an independent USA lab.

With our manufacturing background, it was obvious that we would use independent testing to validate potential supplier lab reports. The independent testing process would include HPLC and serving size tests to confirm ingredients meet product specification. Seems sensible right? Why would anyone do it any other way? You’d be surprised. The first set of results from the supplier came back and guess what? The ingredients were not what we had specified. They were lower grade, cheaper alternatives. Time to look for a new supplier.

Lab grade ingredients confirm product safety

The independent USA lab also performed toxicity tests to ensure ingredients pass safety tests. Again, we would not rely solely on the lab results from the potential supplier. What came back was a shock. The USA lab report showed toxic levels of lead, arsenic and mercury where none was showing on the potential supplier’s lab report. This exposed a supplement industry secret. A large percentage of cheaper products are created without independent testing of ingredients to confirm serving size or safety. Check your supplement containers, you’ll see what we mean. This information changed the way I purchase all my supplements. I do not buy supplements that have not been independently tested in the USA.

Of course the supplier offered to try again but trust was broken. It was back to the beginning to source a new supplier who shared our core values and could meet the quality standards that we expected. It took us another year to find a supplier who was a fit for our company.

Lab grade ingredients improve bioavailability and absorption

Quality ingredients need a quality delivery system. Please excuse our directness but most supplement ingredients end up getting flushed down the toilet. We all know that right? When a supplement is taken orally, less of it gets into the bloodstream.We take it for granted. That’s why many supplement companies put larger doses in the products, knowing where most of it will end up. It seemed wasteful (and rather old fashioned) to accept the status quo.

We began a bioavailability research project to explore innovative technologies and methods to improve bioavailability and absorption. The project focused on getting our ingredients where they need to be—in the bloodstream—to work effectively. Our research produced a clear leader with patented, time delay, acid resistant capsules. These patented capsules don’t open for about 72 minutes. This is important because it protects the capsules from acid in the large intestine and puts Brilliant Joints ingredients into the small intestine for maximum bioavailability into the bloodstream.

That’s why we choose lab grade ingredients.

From my family to yours, I wish you…A Brilliant Life

Bek Nelson (Co-founder)

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