Welcome to week 8

Make choices, create choices

Eat up

Hey [accessally_user_firstname]! How did you do last week? Did you tune in to how food affects you? What did you learn? What we eat (or choose not to eat) can help us manage arthritis naturally. Yup, food can help or food can hurt. This week let’s take what we learned last week and start using it to reduce our pain, calm our mood and boost our energy. This week let’s also get clear on our body stats and know our “rocking it” weight range. Are you ready to make choices and create choices [accessally_user_firstname]? Let’s go.

The power of curious

Let’s bring the power of curiosity out to play as we make and create choices. Everything is work in progress. Including us. We’re making changes and we’re changing. Change doesn’t happen instantly. We don’t go from concept to completion in a day so let’s cut ourselves some slack as we transition from one way of being to another. Let’s love ourselves up, get curious and play.

With a little help from my friends

Whatever is coming up for you, you’ve got this [accessally_user_firstname]. Let’s support each other through and do this.┬áIt’s ok to not have all the answers. It’s ok to ask for help. Look around and see where help is available. Our Brilliant community, friends and specialists. Let’s all be here for each other. Let’s all rise together.