Welcome to week 6

Create a life that works

Strong muscles support joints

Strength is an important part of managing arthritis naturally. In BE STRONG we strengthen body, mind and spirit to create a life that works for us. Now. As we are. Arthritis impacts muscle strength and can make us feel tired and weak. Strong muscles support joints and relieve arthritic symptoms. The good news? We can build stronger muscles at any age. Are you ready? Let’s make muscles. Yes, you guessed it—30 seconds at a time.

Meaning in feeling

Living with arthritis can make ordinary tasks more difficult and trigger a multitude of emotions. These emotions store in our body and build tension. Tension aggravates arthritis. A strong mind pays attention to the signs and uses them to support us better. Yes, there’s meaning in the feeling. Let’s build mental muscle and use those feelings to our advantage.

More than body and mind

When we’re not feeling physically great, it’s good to remember that we’re more than our body and mind. We all have a different way of describing it but it’s that part of us that knows our own peace and power. Let’s tap into that sweet, easy place and remind ourselves of the strength of our spirit.