Welcome to week 3

Hi [accessally_user_firstname], your body and brain message each other all day

Tune in and get them working better together

Brilliant Joints is building in your bloodstream. A trifecta of powerful ingredients is working to reduce inflammation and associated pain. While it’s doing its’ stuff in background mode, let’s play coach and (re)train body and brain to get on Team [accessally_user_firstname]. Read more in LEAD YOU.

Thoughts have power

What the mind thinks, the body stores. If these thoughts create stress in the mind or body it can increase tension and exacerbate arthritic pain. The brain is designed to economize, be efficient and take the fast-track to improvement. This fast-track may not be best for us long-term. This week lets (re)train the brain to support us better.

Body talk

Brain activity changes depending on what the body is doing. The body sends signals to the brain all day long that influence how we feel. Tension in the body exacerbates arthritic pain. Learn how to reduce tension and manage the signals that your body sends to your brain and take big steps to manage arthritis naturally.