Welcome to week 1

The best plan for arthritis.  Ever.

Hi [accessally_user_firstname], commit to 60 days and create new habits that help you feel brilliant

Go you. You’ve made a choice to explore a natural alternative to manage your arthritis.  Welcome to Brilliant, the only plan that takes a holistic approach to managing arthritis. A plan grounded in research to create a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Today, you’ve taken charge to create a healthier you. Begin with THE ART OF THE START for the best way to get going.

Your plan, your way

Good health is fundamental to a good life.  When we’re not healthy, nothing else in life works very well.  The Brilliant plan distills the most current thinking on managing arthritis naturally at a pace that matches where we’re at—all to help us be our healthiest self. Use the plan to create, learn, remind or refresh lifestyle habits that help you live your best life.

Each month you’ll receive your supplements.  Each week you’ll receive an email with an overview and links to your dashboard. In your dashboard you’ll find what’s happening this week in an easy to follow plan that builds gently and gradually.  Right now, watch out for your supplements—they’re on the way.

Coach you

Be your own best friend and coach. Start right and familiarize yourself with some of the principles of the program.  Check out THE ART OF THE START for the best way to get going.