Week 8 overview


Be curious

We could get all serious and mechanical about food this week. But let’s not. Let’s have FUN. Let’s bring out our inner child and play. Let’s put our explorers hat on and have some fun with this. Let’s continue our food exploration with the curiosity of a child. Let that child be us.

Let’s get curious. Let’s learn about food and how it affects you, me and those around us. Let’s start a conversation and explore. What will you find? What will you learn? What will you share? Are you ready for this mission? Meet us in COMMUNITY and let’s play.

Tweak and tune

This week let’s continue to explore which food helps to reduce pain, improve mood and increase energy.Let’s SLOW DOWN to understand why we eat what we do. Let’s FEEL OUR WAY and understand what food helps and hurts us. Let’s get to know our numbers in BODY STATS and know the weight where we feel like we’re rocking it.

How does food affect you?
Let’s get curious and play.

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Reduce inflammation

Food is medicine. Let’s choose food that reduces inflammation. Anti-inflammatory foods reduce pain, weight, diseases, bloating and fatigue. Yeah. Pretty much everything.

Belly buddy

The same happy helpers that exist in our brain, also exist in our gut. In fact, we have more of these happy helpers in our gut than our brain. Our happy helper, serotonin, is involved in mood control, depression and aggression. Feeding our gut with healthy goodies will sweeten the signals from gut to brain and help us to regulate sleep, appetite, moods, and pain. Yup. Again. Pretty much everything. Sound good? Let’s go.

Reduce pressure

Every pound of excess weight exerts 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knees. Carrying an extra 10 pounds in weight is like putting an extra 40 pounds of extra pressure on the knees.  More pressure means more pain. Let’s put food to work to shed extra pounds and reduce that arthritic pain.


Let’s make and create choices that help us feel, think and move better.


Create change

Knowing why we eat is a step to making change. Let’s tune in and understand personal food choices. Let’s create personal power statements that support us in making choices that work for us. Now as we are.


Tune-in to tune-up

What we eat can increase inflammation and make arthritic pain worse. What we eat affects mood, pain and energy. There isn’t one diet plan that will work for everyone so let’s tune-in to tune-up.


Know your numbers

Excess weight exacerbates arthritic pain. We all have a weight range where we feel like we’re rocking it. Let’s get to know our numbers and create a plan that gets us there.