A very personal plan

Know you

What, when and how we eat affects pain, mood, energy and life. The Brilliant EAT plan focuses us on using food to reduce pain, calm mood and boost energy. Don’t worry. This is not an extreme diet that’s going to make us so bored of living that we question the meaning of life. It’s a plan to help us to figure out what works for us and what works against us. Nothing is off the menu—unless we decide it is. We’re all different. We all burn food differently and need different food combinations to thrive. Some of us are better with meat in our diet, others do better with a pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan diet. Some body types do best with a blend of it all. This week, let’s get to know ourselves better.

Tune in to tune up

For 3 days this week, let’s track everything we eat and drink. Let’s pay attention to what, why and how we eat. Let’s notice how what we eat affects our pain, mood and energy. To help track this info, we’ve created a 3-Day Food Diary. We’re all different so if this doesn’t appeal, use an app, take notes in a journal or type in our phone. Some of us may even prefer to keep track in our head. It doesn’t matter how we do it, it matters that we tune in and get to know how food affects us. Read more about what to look out for in GREAT WEIGHT, MOOD FOOD and FUEL YOU.

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How well do you know how food affects you?
Tune in and listen.

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Love yourself up

Change can be hard or it can be easy. What makes the difference? How we treat ourselves along the way. Many of us have an inner critic, conditioning from our outer environment, that puts us down. Would we let a friend speak to us that way? When that inner critic gets louder, telling us not to waste our time, let’s recognize this destructive thought process and bring in our inner coach. The more our inner coach gains strength, the weaker our inner critic becomes. Let’s notice when that voice comes up tell it to go away. Yup. You heard that right. It’s not needed. Any voice in our head that puts us down and diminishes our spirit is not needed here. Bye bye! We’re in the process of creating a healthy foundation so that we can live the best life we can. This is work in progress and we’re doing great.

Creating is a process

We’re making changes. Slowly but surely we’re re-thinking our health and how we want to live. Let’s recognize that this is a process and not something we’ll achieve overnight or in one day. Cognitive research show that small incremental changes are what create change for the long term. One step at a time, picking and choosing what’s right for us. Take a moment to consider all the small realizations, ideas and changes that have shown up since you started the program. Feel good about you for taking each step.

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Get to know you. One bite at a time.

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Tune in, tune up

What we eat can cause inflammation and exacerbate arthritic pain. Let’s tune in to the power of food and learn how it affects our arthritic pain in FOOD POWER.

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Good food, good mood

Food affects mood. Mood affects our ability to manage arthritis naturally. Let’s tune in to how food affects our mood and create a plan that works for us. Now. As we are. Read more in MOOD FOOD.


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Fill your tank

Food can be used to increase our energy and vitality. Some food takes our energy up, other food takes it down. Let’s track how different food affects us in the 3-day food diary. Read more in FUEL YOU.