Week 6 overview

Be strong

More than muscles

All arthritis programs focus on physical strength. And for good reason. Strong muscles are super-important to support joints and relieve arthritic symptoms. But wait. There’s more. In the Brilliant plan we explore how to be strong in body, mind and spirit.

Living with arthritis can make ordinary tasks more difficult and trigger a multitude of emotions. These emotions store in our body and build tension. This tension aggravates arthritis and blocks our natural healing capacity. These emotions can get in the way of accepting where we’re at and creating a plan that works for us. A STRONG MIND and STRONG SPIRIT pay attention to these signs and use them to our advantage. This week, let’s tap into our strength in all its forms. Let’s create that life that works for us. Now. As we are.

Recognize resistance

Research shows that accepting where we’re at with our arthritis is a critical step to making choices that maximize the quality of our life. Part of acceptance is acknowledging how we feel and getting great at self-care. Resistance can get in the way of acceptance. Wow does it love to sit in it’s cozy, comfortable place and deny or ignore a problem. We know it will sit there for as long we let it get away with it. It’s comfortable isn’t it? At least for now. The more we resist, the longer we don’t have to face up to what’s happening and make changes. But we know don’t we? That the longer we resist accepting where we’re at, the worse our arthritis will get. On top of the physical challenges, we’ll feel useless, powerless and generally lousy.  Hmm. No. We don’t like the sound of that. Let’s spend our energy on accepting where we’re at and make the changes we need to create a life that works for us. Now. As we are.

Where is your strength?
We’re more than muscles, let’s count the ways.

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Accurately interpret signals

There’s a part of brain that thinks about emotions and there’s a part that feels emotion. Those emotions are signals. They’re neither negative or positive. They just are. It’s meaning that we attach to emotions that translates into a calm or stressful experience. Accurately interpreting these signals calms and reduces stress in the body. Let’s take a fresh look at emotions and tune our receptors to understand the meaning in the feeling and unlock natural healing energy.

Recognize resistance

The brain is hard wired for economy and conservancy. Creating new neural pathways requires us to (re)train our brain and responses. We create new neural pathways and imprint new patterns by repeatedly choosing to take better self-care. Recognize when our brain is trying to take a short-cut that jeopardizes our self-care. Let’s use our knowledge of who we are and what’s important to create a life that works for us. Now. As we are. 



Strengthen body, mind and spirit to create a life that works for us now. As we are.


Make muscles

Strong muscles support the joints and are an essential part of managing arthritis naturally. Let’s explore STRONG BODY to start a muscle strengthening program that builds at a pace that suits us now. As we are.


Mental muscle

Arthritis can trigger a multitude of emotions. Read STRONG MIND and build the mental muscle to help know what’s going on with these emotions and how to use them to our advantage.


Peace and power

When we’re not feeling physically great it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re more than our body and more than our mind. Let’s tap into that sweet, easy place and remind ourselves of our STRONG SPIRIT.