Week 4 overview


Improve range-of-motion and flexibility

Stiffness and pain caused by arthritis reduces range-of-motion and flexibility. It can then cause a cycle that makes us feel less like moving. It’s normal to feel this way but moving less increases stiffness, pain, weight, reduces strength, stamina and puts more pressure on the joints.There’s no way around it, moving less makes us feel worse. All the research (and if we listen closely, that very clever quiet voice in our head) tells us that moving more will improve joint movement, flexibility, strength and generally make us feel a little more chipper. The focus this week is on range-of-motion and flexibility. Be sure to check-in with your doctor before you begin any new routine and let’s get moving. Get started creating your personal plan in CHOOSE IT, REWARD IT and DO IT below.

Find your flow

Remember when we were young and never stopped moving? Remember how much fun we had running around, exploring and playing? We moved because it was fun, not because we had to. Moving is so good for our whole being so let’s not make moving just another “to do” on the list. Let’s bring the child-like spirit that has fun exploring and discovering to make moving a natural part of our life again. We all have an autopilot mode and creating new habits takes time. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it. Let’s give ourselves some love and (re)train our brain to move the body and feel better. Explore motivation, reward and activity in CHOOSE IT, REWARD IT and DO IT Are we ready? Let’s play!

How will you make moving fun?
Go slow and find your flow.

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Tweak and tune personal habits

We’re creating new habits to get us moving more. Will we create those new habits overnight? No way. Habits happen with repetition over time. Shall we beat ourselves up when we forget or slip up?  YES. Oops. Meant to say no. There’s that cheeky dorsal again focusing on the negative. Let’s try that again. Shall we beat ourselves up when we forget or slip up? NO. We’ll say “hello” to the part of the brain that kicks us back into the autopilot mode. We’ll know that it needs to be kindly nudged towards the new habits that help us tick along better.  We’ll know that the more we train it, the easier it gets.

Don’t push it, choose it

Strengthen the body and strengthen the mind. When we move it more, the brain activates BDNF, kind of like steroids for the brain. The more we move, the fitter our brain becomes and the easier it becomes to train. But wait. The brain is a tricky little thing.  If the brain thinks it has a choice in the matter, the effects are greater than if we force it. Having a face-palm moment? Yeah. Us too. So let’s not push it, put another item on the to do list and drain our will-power. Let’s know why we’re doing this, choose moves that uplift us and have some fun along the way.


We get it. We really do. Starting to move can be hard. Or our mind thinks it’s hard. Let’s do our mind a favor and tell it we’ve got this.


Your personal picture

The brain will be a better wing (wo)man if it thinks it has a choice. Let’s choose our moves and get ready to get juicy. Read more in CHOOSE IT. 


Reward you

Sometimes we’re motivated, sometimes we’re not. Let’s tune in to know when we need a little extra incentivizing and what will get us moving. Read more in REWARD IT.


The 30-second challenge

Welcome to the shortest class ever. We can all do something for 30 seconds right? Don’t even get changed. Just click for class and DO IT.