Reduce inflammation

Your first month’s supply of Brilliant Joints has arrived and it’s time to start on a supplement rhythm. Brilliant Joints works to naturally reduce inflammation, improve mobility and promote joint health. Read more in SUPPLEMENTS (below) about how and when to take them and what they do in our body.

Change our perception of pain

Research shows that how we perceive pain, impacts the pain itself. Yes, there’s an objective and subjective side to pain. Objectively, our body feels pain and sends a signal to the brain “hey, there’s pain going on here”. Subjectively, the pain has an emotional component so how we’re feeling impacts the pain itself. Feeling positive and optimistic? The pain feels less. Feeling down or negative? The pain feels worse. Tune in to how we’re perceiving pain in BREATHE and SLEEP (below) and begin with some self-care tricks that can, over time, radically change how we perceive pain.

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How does your mood affect your pain?
Allow optimism and positivity to play their part.

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Notice the negative

No matter who we are, all of our brains react more strongly to negative events than positive ones. Our brain is wired to notice negativity more deeply than positivity. Fact. That’s just how the brain processes the information. The Brilliant program uses this response as an opportunity to recognize negativity, what’s at cause and to do something about it. Hello free will. How are we feeling today? Yes. We have the power to choose how we respond to life. Let’s use this part of our brain to examine the feeling and determine if action or an attitude shift is required.

Power up the positive

There’s a part of our brain completely dedicated to noticing when things are wrong.  Wild right?  Yes, our cheeky little upper dorsal is constantly on the watch looking out for what’s going wrong. Yes, you guessed it. The Brilliant program loves this little helper because it speaks up when it needs to and tells us “hey this is not right, DO something”. Throughout the program, let’s pay attention when this little guy shows up, tune in, notice (without judging) and see what he (or she) wants.

Change the channel

We have the power to change the channel in our brain. Deep breathing calms the limbic system, puts space between action and reaction and brings us back to the here and now. Our breath gives us the power to change our channel. Let’s use it to notice the what works for us, what works against us and tweak our lifestyle program to suit us.

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Small steps make big changes.  Let’s slow down and take time to review some self-care basics.

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Promote joint health

Start on Brilliant Joints and get on track to reduce inflammation and promote joint health. Read SUPPLEMENT and learn when and how to take for maximum effect. 

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One breath at a time

How we breathe affects our mind, body and our pain. Check out BREATHE and start using breath to calm the nervous system and manage pain.

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Sleep to better health

Are you getting the best sleep possible? Most of us aren’t. How we sleep affects everything. Let’s go back to fundamentals and SLEEP our way to better health.