Week 1 overview


You took a step to manage joint health naturally. Go on, give yourself a bit of love.

Good job you. You started something new. Something for you. Feel good about you. Let’s use the Brilliant Program to create, learn, remind or refresh lifestyle habits that help us live our best life. There’s a sweet way to start something new that increases our likelihood of success. We think of it as the art of the start.

Create a new you

The Brilliant program is rooted in research to improve mobility,  increase vitality and boost mood. The program supports us in managing the symptoms associated with poor joint health. It elevates us by tuning our thoughts, habits and environment. In the art of the start, we look at why we’re doing this, take it step-by-step and be our own best friend. We set the tone for how we move forward. So let’s get going with with YOU ARE HERE, NEW THINKING and LOVE YOU (below).  Let’s get to know ourselves a little bit better. Are we ready for the art of the start?  Let’s do this.

How well do you know you?
Tune in and listen to you.

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Feel good about deciding

Woot! We did it.  We started something new.  We engaged our brain in a positive way to reduce worry and anxiety. In neuroscience speak it’s our pre frontal cortex, the boss of our brain, that’s responsible for making this decision.  That’s the part of the brain that we’re going to exercise more on the path to a healthier us.  For now, let’s all feel good about deciding.

Set your sights on positive

We’ve committed to making changes that will positively improve our life.  Making decisions like this helps overcome the habits that can pull us all toward impulses and routines that don’t support us in being our best self.  Making decisions like this puts us on a track with positive influences and habits. Habits are rooted in the dorsal striatum part of our brain.  This is the part of our brain that controls habits—positive and negative.  We’ll be exercising this part of our brain to create new habits that support a healthier version.

Power up, calm down

Making decisions is empowering.  When we have power over the smaller things it affects life in big ways.  Making decisions changes our perception of the world.  Finding solutions to problems is empowering and has a calming effect.  That calming feeling is your fronto-limbic system, the part of you that regulates your emotional state, chilling out and taking a breather. Throughout the program, we’ll be powering up to calm down.


Knowing where we’re at and what we want is the backbone of our success


Create a health plan

Health is fundamental to living our best life. Let’s understand where we’re at then get creative to design our best possible health program. Let’s check out YOU ARE HERE to assess where our health is at, where we want it to be and why we’re doing this.  


Small steps, big change

Let’s commit to assess when we’re in flow and energized. Taking small steps regularly can make a big change. Read more about NEW THINKING for a healthier self.


Be our own best friend

How we think and speak to ourself affects everything we do. Let’s build our way to better health by reframing the problem, our thoughts and how we speak to ourself. Let’s be our own best friend in LOVE YOU.