Viva Vitality

Viva Vitality

Increase activity increase vitality

Arthritic pain can make us feel less like exerting ourselves. When we move less we reduce strength, stamina and mood. Aerobic moves increases our strength, stamina, mood and vitality. Blah Blah. Blah. Yes, you read that right. We know all that don’t we? If you’re one of those people who never has a problem getting moving then off you pop. You’ve totally got this. We love you. Have a brilliant day.

Ok, you’re still here.

So are we. There are SO many times when we know we should be exercising the old ticker but we can’t get ourselves going. The problem is that logic is often not enough to get us off our sweet behinds. This week we start creating new vitality habits and use push and pull motivation tactics to get us going. Learn a super simple trick to getting moving in LOVE IT, when to PUSH IT and how to create new habits in CHANGE IT. This week let’s put more tools in our toolkit to manage arthritis naturally. Check the VITALITY section for ideas and inspiration. This is not a competition. This is your day, your way so go slow to grow strong. Ready? Let’s go.

How will you add vitality moves to your day?
Let push and pull motivation help you.

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Our personal painkiller

Building stamina takes time. When we start moving it can be slow to see the benefits. But don’t fret about it chaps. Even if we don’t immediately notice any changes there are background benefits going on. In background mode, vitality moves activate brain systems that mimic the opiate drugs that reduce pain. These systems activate endorphins and the endocannabinoid system to trigger the body to feel less pain and anxiety. Wild right? Let’s use our own natural resources to help us manage arthritis naturally.  

Own brand mood enhancer

The same systems that help reduce pain can also increase positive feelings and wellbeing. This system is triggered by the kind of vitality moves that we’re starting this week. Let’s start slow to grow strong and develop our own brand mood enhancer. Let’s activate our happy helpers and talk supportively to ourselves. This is not a competition, this is you working with you at a pace that supports you. Replace expectations with thanks and appreciation for wherever we’re at. Are you ready to be the best friend and coach you’ve ever had? Let’s do this.


Moving more gives us a sweet, natural high. Let’s get going and stay going.



Vitality moves help manage arthritis naturally and improve stamina and mood. Use this motivation trick to get going, keep going and stay going. Read more in LOVE IT



Starting a new program can be hard. Engage the power of push and the benefits of kicking our own butt in PUSH IT.


Steer you

Habits. Some work for us, some work against us. Some take our energy up and others take it down. Learn to CHANGE IT and steer ourselves in the right direction.