Tune in

Begin with breath

Video words.Close eyes. Breath. Centre self. shift from analystical and verbal to quiet still receptive inside. When thoughts come use breath to focus and come back to calm, neutral space.  clear space. Going in but also tapping into something bigger than us.Ask self a question??? An answer may come immediately but it doesn’t have todoes not have to come immediately. Plant a seed and allow it to grow. Allow time for an answer to come back. it could be minutes, hours, days or weeks. Trust. Answers can come through in visions, images, impressions, sights, smells, sounds, knowings, emotions. Let go and let it come. Note what comes up.

Tune in. We use the words but what does it actually mean? Tuning in means slowing down and being present with whatever is happening right here, right now. How do we tune in? The easiest way is with our breath because it’s always there. Any time of day, take a pause…to breathe. Breathe a delicious, deep, gentle breath. Let’s bring our focus to the the sound of our breath. Listening to our breath is an easy way to clear the mind of stress and bring our energy to the here and now.

30 seconds. Go.

Yes. Let’s practice now. Let’s close our eyes. Let’s breathe deeply for 30 seconds.

Notice what comes up

Now that we’ve taken a moment to bring our senses to the present moment, let’s notice what’s going on. Whatever we’re feeling let’s observe it, use our breath to let it pass through and give ourselves some love. If we’re tuning in to notice habits and patterns, let’s notice what we’re doing and why. If we’re tuning in to create new habits and patterns, let’s bring in our inner coach to help. Let’s use our breath to slow down and tune in to what we that work for us. Now as we are.