Activate happy

We can be in control of our thoughts. We can choose the channel that plays in the mind. Let’s take a moment to say thank you. Thank you. Thanks for it all.  Does something to our brain doesn’t it? We can feel a little shift, something lightening and relaxing. We can give that cheeky little dorsal a break anytime by just saying thanks. Thanks for anything. Thanks for something. Thanks for toodle-pipping everything. Being thankful activates our natural neural happy helpers, dopamine and serotonin. They get to work immediately. No wait-time. No side effects. The more we’re thankful, the easier it gets.

Recognize resistance

Except when it doesn’t. Sometimes that cheeky little fella who notices the negative will just not give us a break. It pops up and tells (or yells) that we have NOTHING to be thankful for. What then? First recognize it, “Hey buddy/buddette, thanks for letting me know”. A lot of the time just being kind to it will help. If that doesn’t clear the way for your thanks, put it to work and ask it for help “can you help me think of anything?” Still no joy? Give it a royal kick and tell it to  “S$%!@  *#@”!  Continue happily with your thanks.

How do you activate happy?
Say thanks. Mean it.

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Personal practice


  • Use breath breaks to check your channel is tuned
  • Find at least one thing that you’re truly thankful for every day
  • Rinse, repeat daily

Expand and amplify


  • Thank yourself for all that you’re doing to feel better
  • Share your thanks with family and friends
  • Share your appreciation of community and people you meet throughout the day


Let’s tune into the signals between body and brain and put them to work for us.


Talk sweetly, relax deeply

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Turn on the happy channel

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Tune in, relieve pain

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