Strong spirit

Strong spirit

More than body and mind

When we’re not feeling physically great, it’s good to remember that we’re more than our body and mind. Arthritic symptoms can show up randomly when we least expect them. We can feel that they get in the way of how we expect life to be. An important part of managing arthritis naturally is accepting where we’re at and getting good at self-care.

We all have a different way of describing it: spirit, soul, equanimity, mojo, energy, heart, or essence. It’s that quiet, calm place that knows our peace and power. While a STRONG MIND, practices labeling, identifying and working through emotions that come up. A strong spirit observes everything and is attached to nothing. It doesn’t judge and it’s fine with that. A strong spirit doesn’t need to be happy. It just is in that quiet, calm place inside us all. Our place of inner peace and power. Let’s locate that place and rest there when we need to. The more we practice resting there, the more it will be home.

Catch and release

Let’s practice locating that quiet, calm place inside. The space in between all the action. Ever watched a child go from anger and tears to laughter and calm all within minutes? They remind us that we don’t have to hold on to our emotions. We can catch and release. When we appreciate the message in our emotions, we flow easily. Sit or lie down somewhere and close your eyes. Recall a time when you felt happy. Remember the feeling and let it fill you up. Watch it, detach and release. Recall a time when you felt sad. Remember the feeling and let it fill you up. Watch it, detach and release. Recall other polar emotions and move between catching the emotion, watching, detaching and releasing. Catch and release anger and contentment, frustration and encouragement, fear and love. Build spirit muscle as you navigate polar emotions with equanimity. Catch and release. Catch and release.

The space in between

Repeat catch and release and this time notice the space in between the emotions. The place where there is nothing. The place where it’s quiet and calm. The place of inner peace and power. The place that feels like home. Take a deep breath and rest there.

How do we develop a strong spirit?
Rest in our quiet, calm inner place.

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  • Notice when you’re in flow and when you get stuck
  • Practice catch and release and let go of emotions
  • Rest the quiet, calm inner place in between the emotions



  • Notice the quiet, calm “home” space and practice resting there
  • Describe your “home” 
  • Take “home” breaks. Rinse, repeat daily


Strengthen body, mind and spirit to create a life that works for us now. As we are.


Make muscles

Strong muscles support the joints and are an essential part of managing arthritis naturally. Let’s explore STRONG BODY to start a muscle strengthening program that builds at a pace that suits us now. As we are.


Mental muscle

Arthritis can trigger a multitude of emotions. Read STRONG MIND and build the mental muscle to help know what’s going on with these emotions and how to use them to our advantage.


Peace and power

When we’re not feeling physically great it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re more than our body and more than our mind. Let’s tap into that sweet, easy place and remind ourselves of our STRONG SPIRIT.