Strong mind

Strong mind

Restore natural balance

Living with arthritis can make ordinary tasks more difficult and trigger a multitude of emotions. Anger, sadness, or fear are some that may show up. These emotions store in our body and build tension. This tension aggravates arthritis and blocks our natural healing capacity. Sometimes we’re aware of these emotions, sometimes we’re not. Sometimes we know where they’re coming from, sometimes we don’t. These emotions are guide-posts and appear to help us tap into our own vitality.  Yes, there’s meaning in those feelings. A strong mind pays attention to these signs and uses the healing power of emotions to restore our natural balance.

When we’re balanced we can be peaceful, positive, cheerful, confident and interested in life. We have a sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment. We feel able to create a life that works for us, wherever we’re at. When we get blocked or stuck we can feel disconnected, helpless, powerless, hopeless, incompetent or unconfident. We can feel like life is meaningless or that we just can’t cope. When we feel blocked or stuck, we need to notice the feeling and receive the message. Sometimes we need to take action, other times we release and flow on.

Emotion promotion

Let’s give our emotions a promotion and use them to tap into our natural source of vitality. Remember when we practiced noticing our thoughts and how they affect us in week 2? This week we’re doing the same thing with emotions. An emotion creates a feeling or sensation in the body. Let’s say hello and find out what it’s saying. When we feel one coming up, take a super-deep belly breath, pick up a metaphorical cup of tea and acknowledge it. Where is it? What does it feel like like? Focus in and describe it. It can feel a little scary to get up close and personal with our emotions but let’s take another super-deep breath, be brave and keep it company like we would someone we love. Describing how an emotion feels is a step to using it to manage our arthritis naturally. We can lead ourselves through this process or use a guided meditation.

Meaning in feeling

Once we’ve acknowledged the feeling, we can look at the message in the feeling. Some of the emotions that come up with arthritis include anger, sadness, and fear. These emotions have different messages that can be used to positively support us. When we tune in and give ourself some love we’ll understand that anger asks us to pay attention to boundaries and protection. Sadness asks us to let go of what we don’t need anymore so that we can create again. Fear helps get focus and clarity on our next actions. As these emotions come up we can refer to the EMOTION DICTIONARY and COMMUNITY for support. Strength comes in many forms. This week let’s put our mind to work and use the healing power of emotions to release tension and restore balance. Let’s create a life that works for us.

How can we use our mind to strengthen our body?
Find meaning in feeling to restore natural balance.

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Emotion devotion


  • Notice when an emotion shows up (without doing the judgy thing)
  • Describe how it feels and where it is in the body. Write it down.
  • Consider using a guided meditation for support

Meaning in feeling


  • What’s the message in the feeling? Use the Emotion Dictionary to explore.
  • Consider how this message relates to your situation. Write it down.
  • How could you support you better?



Strengthen body, mind and spirit to create a life that works for us now. As we are.


Make muscles

Strong muscles support the joints and are an essential part of managing arthritis naturally. Let’s explore STRONG BODY to start a muscle strengthening program that builds at a pace that suits us now. As we are.


Mental muscle

Arthritis can trigger a multitude of emotions. Read STRONG MIND and build the mental muscle to help know what’s going on with these emotions and how to use them to our advantage.


Peace and power

When we’re not feeling physically great it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re more than our body and more than our mind. Let’s tap into that sweet, easy place and remind ourselves of our STRONG SPIRIT.