Start on supplements

Brilliant Joints

You made a good choice. Research says the ingredients in Brilliant Joints can promote joint health. Our curcumin is optimizedso that 95% of the available curcuminoids have been extracted from the turmeric plant so that you get 1000mg of concentrated curcuminoids every day. The boswellia is standardized to contain 30% AKBA and you get 150mg of concentrated AKBA per day. These ingredients combine with piperine to support the anti-imflammatory effect. The patented capsule preserves product potency as it passes through the digestive system to increase absorption and efficacy. Ingredients are independently tested in the USA to ensure purity and safety. Brilliant Joints is a great start to naturally promote joint health. Remember to discuss any new supplement regime with your healthcare practitioner before you begin.

Build in your bloodstream

Brilliant Joints works best when taken every day, morning and night. While you might notice a difference in your well-being right away, it’s recommended to take herbal supplements for at least four to six weeks to experience their full effects. Alternative treatment takes time to build in your blood stream so try not to skip or take infrequently. Most people report feeling the effects within six weeks but some people report feeling a change sooner.  We recommend up to three months for the full effect. Give yourself time to feel better.

Create a good supplement habit

Some people find it helpful to create a ritual around taking supplements. Think of something that you already do every day, twice a day and attach your supplement ritual to that. Start taking them the day that they arrive. Start with 1 capsule after meals in the am and pm. Consider the CREATE A SCHEDULE exercise below and what you could do to TRIGGER YOU to take your supplements.

How will you create a good supplement habit?
Commit to a schedule and use triggers to remind you.

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Create a rhythm


  • Consider what time of day is best for you
  • Observe how that works for you
  • Modify your schedule if needed

Trigger you


  • How will you remind yourself?
  • Can you attach taking supplements to other daily activities?


Small steps make big changes.  Let’s slow down and take time to review some self-care basics.

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Promote joint health

Start on Brilliant Joints and get on track to reduce inflammation and promote joint health. Read SUPPLEMENT and learn when and how to take for maximum effect. 

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One breath at a time

How we breathe affects our mind, body and our pain. Check out BREATHE and start using breath to calm the nervous system and manage pain.

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Sleep to better health

Are you getting the best sleep possible? Most of us aren’t. How we sleep affects everything. Let’s go back to fundamentals and SLEEP our way to better health.