Slow down


Slow down

Last week we started our FOOD DIARY and tracked what we eat and why we eat. We get it. Food is so much more than nutrition. It’s comfort, habit, entertainment, community, nostalgia, culture, tradition and more. Knowing why we eat is important to making different choices. So much more than hunger can send us straight to the fridge. Feeling sad? Yup we know just the thing for that. Feeling happy? Yes, let’s go to the kitchen and get something to celebrate. Anxious? Bored? Tired? Yup, there’s something in the fridge for that too. But we know don’t we? We know it’s not what we really need.

There’s an absolute moment between trigger and response where we get to make choices that help us feel better. Often this moment comes and goes so quickly we don’t even notice it. We do stuff without even thinking. This space is where change can happen. Let’s use that space to take a breath, use the steps in SLOW DOWN (below) and notice what’s really going on. Often there’s a sticky struggle between what our autopilot mode has us do and what we know is good for us. This sticky struggle is normal as we pull away from old habits and create new ones. Let’s breathe, get out of autopilot mode and ask ourselves what can we do differently? Let’s create more choices for ourselves. Now as we are.

Super self-talk

Once we identify our triggers, let’s create our personal power statement and alternatives. This statement is personal, said in present tense and empowering. It helps divert attention to activities that support us better. Use the steps below in MAKE A STATEMENT to create yours and, if you feel like it, come share it with us in COMMUNITY.

What do you really need?
Tune in, have fun and get creative.

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Slow down


  • Slow down, take a breath and notice why you eat or drink
  • Dig deeper and understand how you’re really feeling
  • Get creative and come up with some alternative ideas to take care of you

Make a statement


  • Create a personal power statement for you
  • The message should be short, positive and empowering
  • Create a list of alternative activities that better support where you’re at


Let’s make and create choices that help us feel, think and move better.


Create change

Knowing why we eat is a step to making change. Let’s tune in and understand personal food choices. Let’s create personal power statements that support us in making choices that work for us. Now as we are.


Tune-in to tune-up

What we eat can increase inflammation and make arthritic pain worse. What we eat affects mood, pain and energy. There isn’t one diet plan that will work for everyone so let’s tune-in to tune-up.


Know your numbers

Excess weight exacerbates arthritic pain. We all have a weight range where we feel like we’re rocking it. Let’s get to know our numbers and create a plan that gets us there.