Hello sadness

Includes despair and despondency

Sadness arrives to relax and revitalize. It helps us know what must be released and rejuvenated. When we use sadness productively, we release what isn’t working for us. We soften and restore our flow. When sadness gets stuck, we feel despair with no resolution or relaxation—constantly.  Let’s train ourselves to recognize when sadness is productive or stuck. Let’s get clear on what to do when sadness shows up and give it some love for doing it’s job.

1. Get grounded

When we notice sadness appear, do a body scan and take a walk around our whole body to relax the muscle, tissue and skin in each area. Breathe into each area, consciously release tension and allow those muscles to sink towards the earth. Yes. Let’s relax into sadness. Let’s keep it company like we would someone we truly love.

2. Acknowledge it’s here

Hello sadness. It’s good to meet you. Notice where sadness is in our body. What does it feel like like? Focus in, describe it and notice what’s happening. It can feel a little scary to get so up close and personal with our sadness so let’s take another super-deep belly breath, relax and be brave. We’ve got this. When we feel ready, ASK SADNESS: What must be released? What must be rejuvenated?

3. Relax and body scan

We ALL actively store tension from sadness in our body. Sometimes we’re aware of it sometimes we’re not. That tension builds and exacerbates arthritic pain. After getting up close and personal with sadness, let’s notice the residual tension in our body. Let’s repeat the body scan soften and relax. Yes. We’re the boss of our tension. We get to decide what we hold on to and what we let go. Let’s release and let it flow. Choosing to relax is an act of self-love. Let’s give ourselves some love.

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