Push pause on your thoughts

Last week we started a breath practice  and used deep breathing to relax the mind. We practiced noticing our thoughts without getting too judgy. Yeah, we know. Not always easy. Why are we doing all this? Negative self-talk can cause our body to feel tense. Tension exacerbates arthritic pain. Yes, the thoughts that we have could be increasing the tension in our body and making our arthritis feel worse.  Research shows that relaxation helps. We can sit around and wait for the stars to align before we relax (yeah, we know they never will) or we can choose to do it now. This week let’s go deeper into our breath practice and use it to change the channel.

Push play on a new channel

Take a breath break, push pause, check what’s going on and decide if you need to change the channel. Are our thoughts calm, relaxed and playing well with each other or are they uptight, frenzied and doing a few rounds in the boxing ring? Let’s inhale and use our breath to be in that calm neutral place. Let’s allow ourself to relax with each exhale. If any thoughts come up, notice (without doing that judgy thing). Is it true? Is it kind? Is it inspiring? If not,let’s  gently reframe the thought. Be our own best friend.

How will you push pause?
Let your breath help you out.

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Push pause


  • Use breath breaks to check-in on self-talk.
  • Is it supportive and empowering? If so, carry on!
  • If it’s not, use the Change the channel exercise opposite.

Change the channel


  • Choose some self-talk from the Push pause exercise opposite.  
  • Reframe the self-talk and make it supportive and empowering.  Be our own best friend.
  • Note the effect. Rinse, repeat daily.


Let’s tune into the signals between body and brain and put them to work for us.


Talk sweetly, relax deeply

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Turn on the happy channel

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Tune in, relieve pain

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