Push it


Push motivation

We know it can be hard to start building stamina. Especially at the beginning of a new routine when we haven’t experienced any benefits yet. The first time we get out there after doing nothing for a while we’re so out of breath we feel like we’re 500 years old and our heart is trying to jump out of our body. Normal. Totally normal. But we’re not giving up. We’re going to get off our sweet behind. Pull-power is a sweet, fabulous and supremely powerful motivational mechanism. When it’s there. But sometimes it’s not. It’s those moments when there’s no natural pull-power to draw on that we have to be prepared to kick our own butts. Hello push-power.

We use push-power or will-power to do something not because we really want to, but because the cleverest part of ourselves knows what we need to do to rock this life. Push-power is used to steer us in the direction of our best self. Push-power is a great tool but let’s use it carefully. Push-power can only take us so far. Too much push-power and we feel exhausted, de-motivated and it takes twice as long to recover from. Use push-power as one of tools in the tool kit — not the only one. Tune in to you and go with your flow.

We will start today. For 30 seconds we will make our heart pump faster and we will build minute by minute. Yes. This week we’re exploring push-power. Are you ready? Are you really ready to push it? Push it real good.

How will you push it?
Dig deep. You have the power.

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Personal power


  • Are there times when motivation is low and you need to push it?
  • What are the triggers?
  • How can you manage these triggers?

Push motivation


  • Decide in advance how you will push yourself when motivation is low.
  • Decide to notice when you need to push yourself and when you need to back off.
  • Practice. Rinse, repeat daily.


Moving more gives us a sweet, natural high. Let’s get going and stay going.


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