Love you

Love you

Be your own best friend

Our inner voice can take us up or take us down. It can motivate, empower, weaken or completely crush us.  What do your inner voices say to you? Is what they say true, kind, supportive and loving?

Research has shown that negative interactions can take the pain center in your brain three days to recover.  Let’s not activate our own pain center and be the cause of pain.  Let’s check in with the messages that we tell yourself. They create the belief system that creates our life.  Can we positively reframe the messages that we give yourself? Can we speak kindly and support whatever you’re doing? Let’s use the exercise LISTEN UP (below) to reframe our belief system and be our own best friend.

Choose love

Practice loving you. Sometimes our love goes out to everyone else and we forget to slow down and send some love inward. Use the exercise (below) LOVE UP to practice loving you. Notice what comes up for you and what love feels like in your body. Give yourself more love.

How do you know that you’re loving you?
Notice how it feels

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Listen up


  • What are you telling yourself?
  • Is this really true? (here’s a clue – it’s probably not)
  • If the chatter isn’t kind or supportive tell it to take a hike

Love up


  • Slow down and allow you to love you
  • It can help to think of someone or something else we love and then direct that energy inward
  • Love you. All of you.



Knowing where we’re at and what we want is the backbone of our success


Create a health plan

Health is fundamental to living our best life. Let’s understand where we’re at then get creative to design our best possible health program. Let’s check out YOU ARE HERE to assess where our health is at, where we want it to be and why we’re doing this.


Small steps, big change

Let’s commit to assess when we’re in flow and energized. Taking small steps regularly can make a big change. Read more about NEW THINKING for a healthier self.


Be our own best friend

How we think and speak to ourself affects everything we do. Let’s build our way to better health by reframing the problem, our thoughts and how we speak to ourself. Let’s be our own best friend in LOVE YOU.