This week we begin vitality moves that get our heart rate up. The most simple way to get going is to use natural pull-power. Pull-power is when we feel like we’re in flow and we’re naturally uplifted and energized. It’s that place when we’re not applying pressure or will-power to get through. Perhaps it’s the rhythm of a dance, the power of a golf swing or the softness of water on skin when we swim. It could be loving the feeling after moving or knowing that climbing those stairs, speed walking or swimming laps is taking us closer to our goal. There’s a quality to pull-power that’s intrinsically motivating and invigorating. It has a life and energy of its own. It kicks in when we feel ourselves drawn to something either because of how it makes us feel or because it helps us reach our goal. Use the exercises below to consider pull-power and begin to notice what you’re naturally drawn to. Check out the VITALITY section for ideas and inspiration. 

As we combine range-of-motion, flexibility and add vitality moves, let’s notice the different ways our body is moving. Our body moves on a three-dimensional plane, but so often we move it in a one-dimensional way. Those three ways are side to side (sagittal), forward to back (coronal) and top to bottom (transverse).  By incorporating these three planes of movement we’ll improve our range-of-motion, mobility and stability. Check the RANGE-OF-MOTION and FLEXIBILITY sections for online classes that help balance these planes and develop a program that works for you.

Let’s choose to move every day. Tune in and go with our flow. Some days it will be range-of-motion and flexibility moves. Other days is will be vitality moves. Some days we may feel like both. If it’s a struggle to get started, use the 30-second challenge tool and split the minutes up throughout the day. It all counts. Do it. Reward it. Be the best coach you ever had.

Take an energy breath

Breath is amazing. We can use it to calm us down or pep us up. So far we’ve used breath to calm and balance us. This week, let’s use the energy breath technique to invigorate mind and body. Sit up tall with a straight spine. Feel your belly expand and contract. To understand this breath before we start, open the mouth, stick out the tongue and pant like a dog. We know. Weird. Please go with us for a second. We won’t tell anyone what you’re doing. Promise. Now, close your mouth, inhale and begin exhaling to the same rhythm. Focus on the exhale and the inhale will naturally take care of itself. The inhale and exhale are both quick with no pause between them. Begin practicing for 10-20 seconds at a time and build up to five minutes. If you feel dizzy then stop. When practiced frequently this breath energizes the mind promotes calm and clarity of thought.

What are you naturally drawn to?
Use pull-power to get you going.

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Review and reflect


  • Consider your day. How much time do you spend sitting vs moving?
  • How could you integrate more moves into your day?
  • Set goals and reminders. Remember to reward you.



  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • Why do you enjoy doing it?
  • Rinse, repeat daily.


Moving more gives us a sweet, natural high. Let’s get going and stay going.

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Pull power

Vitality moves help manage arthritis naturally and improve stamina and mood. Use this motivation trick to get going, keep going and stay going. Read more in LOVE IT

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Push you

Starting a new program can be hard. Engage the power of push and the benefits of kicking our own butt in PUSH IT.

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Steer you

Habits. Some work for us, some work against us. Some take our energy up and others take it down. Learn to CHANGE IT and steer ourselves in the right direction.