Let’s do it


Focus on what we can do

This week we start the MOVE part of the Brilliant plan and begin with a focus on range-of-motion and flexibility moves that improve joint movement, flexibility and strength. Logically we know this will help but when we’re not feeling great, the mind can demotivate us from getting started. For sure there are times when we need to tune in and rest up but more often we need some tricks to get going and keep going. Taking one small step in the general direction can nudge us along the way.

The 30-second challenge

We can do anything for 30 seconds right? Take one of those ideas that you came up with in CHOOSE IT and let’s take the 30-second challenge together. Right now. Get up, stand up and move it. Anything for 30 seconds. Stretch, shake, dance… What? You think we’re joking? Seriously. You’ve got this. You have power over your mind and body. Ready. Steady. 30-seconds. GO! (It’s ok. We’ll wait. We’re doing it too.)

Create a plan and set a goal

Good job. Feel good about you. You just took a step towards a stronger, more flexible you. The 30-second challenge is a building block to get us started. Now it’s time to tune in and choose what kind of moves your body needs. You know your body best. You can create your own plan or get ideas in the Brilliant RANGE OF MOTION and FLEXIBILITY sections. Once you’ve decided what is good for you, set a move goal every day this week. Low ball it. Yeah. Ridiculously low. Build up day-by-day if only for a few seconds at a time. Feel good about you. You’ve got this.

How will you move it?
Take the 30-second challenge.

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Move it


  • What range of motion and/or flexibility moves would be good for your body?
  • You can do anything for 30 seconds. Just get started.
  • Remember to use your motivation and reward triggers.

Do it


  • How will you remind yourself to move more?
  • Consider how can you make moving more fun.
  • Note the effect. Rinse, repeat daily.


We get it. We really do. Starting to move can be hard. Or our mind thinks it’s hard. Let’s do our mind a favor and tell it we’ve got this.


Your personal picture

The brain will be a better wing (wo)man if it thinks it has a choice. Let’s choose our moves and get ready to get juicy. Read more in CHOOSE IT. 


Reward you

Sometimes we’re motivated, sometimes we’re not. Let’s tune in to know when we need a little extra incentivizing and what will get us moving. Read more in REWARD IT.


The 30-second challenge

Welcome to the shortest class ever. We can all do something for 30 seconds right? Don’t even get changed. Just click for class and DO IT.