Hello joy

Includes exhilaration 

Joy brings inspiration, bliss, radiance, communion and expansiveness. It’s an internal thank you for the beauty in this moment. When joy gets stuck, we feel unable to connect to people or the world, release joy or feel emotions. Often when it shows up, it feels so good that we begin grasping at it. The moment we chase, it evaporates. Joy comes when we’re in nature, feel love or appreciate beauty. We get to decide what joy is for us.  Let’s get clear on what to do when joy shows up and give it some love for doing it’s job.

1. Welcome joy

When we notice feeling joy, welcome it. Celebrate the feeling of joyousness and let it flow freely through us in it’s own time, not in ours. When it has flowed through, let it go. Trust that it will be back.

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