Ingredient profile: Piperine


BENEFITS: Reduce inflammation, prevent inflammation, assist with absorption and bioavailability, stimulate circulation, antioxidant.*


FORM: Black pepper (fruit) extract (95% piperine)

WHY OUR FORM: Piperine derives from black peppercorns. In its natural form black pepper corns have tiny concentrations of piperine.  In Brilliant Joints 95% of the available piperine has been extracted and you get 15mg of concentrated piperine per serving. This 15mg is even more powerful because of patented capsule technology. Once our capsules have delivered our ingredients to the small intestine, piperine kicks in to further facilitate absorption and entry into the bloodstream. It does this firstly by increasing the time the ingredients remain in the body prior to elimination.Secondly, piperine stimulates circulation in the body as it increase the flow of blood in the blood vessels.

WHY OUR CAPSULES: Please excuse our directness but most supplement ingredients end up getting flushed down the toilet. Not with Brilliant Joints. Patented capsule technology means that 15mg of our piperine stays passes through the stomach to get into the bloodstream—where it needs to be—to work most effectively.* Want more detail? You’ve got it. Read more about our fascinating capsule technology.*

INGREDIENTS WORK TOGETHER: Brilliant Joints is a combination of powerful ingredients carefully formulated to work together to help reduce inflammation, increase joint mobility and promote joint health.*


TESTING: Eurofins USA and Eurofins India both perform HPLC and serving size tests to confirm ingredients meet label specification. They also both perform toxicity tests for staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, escherichia coli, and ethanol to ensure ingredients pass safety tests.*