Hello happiness

Includes amusement and anticipation

Happiness brings hope, wonder, playfulness and delight. It’s an internal celebration of the moment. When happiness gets stuck, we feel unable to play, believe in possibilities or release happiness. We can sometimes make happiness the goal and make happiness more important than any other emotions. Happiness can have an addictive quality. When we’re happy it feels so good that we begin grasping at it and make it our reason for being. The more we seek, the more we need, the more it eludes us. This refusal to honor any emotion except happiness get us stuck and we lose our emotional flow. Let’s get clear on what to do with happiness.

1. Welcome happiness

When we notice feeling happy, celebrate the feeling of happiness and let it flow freely through us in it’s own time, not in ours. When it has flowed through, let it go. Trust that it will be back.

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