Feel your way


Inflammatory food

Last week we started our FOOD DIARY and tracked what we eat and how it effects pain, mood and energy. What we eat can increase inflammation and make arthritic pain worse. There isn’t one diet plan that will work for everyone so let’s TUNE IN and observe the effects of what we eat. Learning what’s right for us is trial and error, tweak and tune. How we tweak and tune is a personal decision. Some of us are comfortable doing this ourselves, others prefer a one-on-one relationship to support us. Tune in and decide what’s best for you. If one-on-one feels right, check out our COACH DIRECTORY to find a specialist that is part of the Brilliant community. If you prefer a self-guided approach, review your 3-Day Food Diary and read on.

Food sensitivity and intolerance  

Many of us have sensitivities to different foods that affect pain, mood and energy. Tuning in and noticing how different food affects us is an important step to feeling better. Trigger foods that commonly cause inflammation include sugar, aspartame, saturated fats, trans fats, alcohol, gluten, casein, refined grains, dairy. Trigger effects can include joint stiffness, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, stomach pain, bloating and digestive problems. Let’s review our 3-Day Food Diary and look for patterns in how food affected pain, mood and energy.

Eliminate and run tests

Do you have a feeling that a food type is causing a problem? Run a super short 3-day trial and eliminate one food type, ingredient or category at a time. Reintroduce the food and note the effect. Yes, because we’re all different, this is trial and error, tweak and tune. While removing a food or food group for a short period of time won’t do us any harm, if we remove it longer term, we need to replace it food with an alternative that offers the same nutrients. For example if we eliminate milk, let’s make sure we replace the calcium from a non-dairy source. This week, let’s tune in to tune-up.

What is your food diary telling you?
Tune-in to what helps and what hurts.

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  • Review the info collected
  • Note pain, mood or energy patterns
  • Look for patterns connected with food and drink



  • Identify foods that may cause you problems
  • Eliminate one food at a time for 3 days 
  • Observe results. Rinse. Repeat.


Let’s make and create choices that help us feel, think and move better.


Create change

Knowing why we eat is a step to making change. Let’s tune in and understand personal food choices. Let’s create personal power statements that support us in making choices that work for us. Now as we are.


Tune-in to tune-up

What we eat can increase inflammation and make arthritic pain worse. What we eat affects mood, pain and energy. There isn’t one diet plan that will work for everyone so let’s tune-in to tune-up.


Know your numbers

Excess weight exacerbates arthritic pain. We all have a weight range where we feel like we’re rocking it. Let’s get to know our numbers and create a plan that gets us there.