Hello contentment

Contentment is an internal thank you

When contentment arrives it brings enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. It’s an internal thank you from ourself. When contentment gets stuck, we feel dissatisfied, unwilling to risk failure or challenge ourself. Often when it shows up, it feels so good that we begin grasping at it. The moment we chase, it evaporates. Contentment comes from personal achievement. We get to decide what achievement is to us.  Let’s get clear on what to do when contentment shows up. Let’s give it some love for doing it’s job.

Welcome contentment

When we notice contentment, welcome it.  Appreciate the moment. Celebrate and give thanks for our good fortune, skills or simply the majestic beauty of it all. Then as hard as this might be at first, let it go. Trust it will be back.

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