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Every time he waved like that, I was filled with sadness. I could also see the sadness in my Grandma’s eyes. My son meant no harm. He was just doing as she did, thinking that was how to wave to Grandma.

That was almost 20 years ago when we all just thought it was “normal” that Grandparents got like that.  A few years ago, at 60, my Dad started having joint health issues that stopped him walking his usual 5 miles a day with his dog. Memories of my Grandma came back. I knew I didn’t want him ending up like that.

We looked for solutions. We found side effects.

My dad visited his doctor who recommended products with a long list of life threatening side effects. We discussed the risk and he didn’t think it was worth it.

We explored natural alternatives. They weren’t powerful enough.

My Dad starting trialling herbal alternatives but found that because such a MASSIVE dose was required it wasn’t a realistic solution. I remember seeing him carrying around shopping bags full of ingredients. He did look a little bit crazy.

So we created our own.

With a background in manufacturing and product development, we began a research project to create a powerful blend that would work. A blend that was easy to take and would get into bloodstream—where it needs to be—to work most effectively. We gathered the most current research to find the most powerful ingredients and the optimum quantities required. We researched how to maximize absorption and bioavailability so the ingredients didn’t get lost in the digestive tract. Once we had our blend, we began our supplier search.

Lab grade ingredients

With our manufacturing background, it was obvious that we would use independent testing to validate potential supplier lab reports. The independent testing process would include HPLC and serving size tests to confirm ingredients meet product specification. They would also perform toxicity tests to ensure ingredients pass safety tests. We would not rely solely on the lab results from the supplier. Seems sensible right? Why would anyone do it any other way? Seems sensible right? Why would anyone do it any other way? You’d be surprised. The first set of results from the supplier came back and guess what? The ingredients were not what we had specified. They were lower grade, cheaper alternatives. Time to look for a new supplier.

The independent USA lab also performed toxicity tests to ensure ingredients pass safety tests. Again, we would not rely solely on the lab results from the potential supplier. What came back was a shock. The US lab report showed toxic levels of lead, arsenic and mercury where none was showing on the potential supplier’s lab report. This exposed a supplement industry secret. A large percentage of cheaper products are created without any independent testing of ingredients. Of course the supplier offered to try again but trust was broken. It was back to the beginning to source a supplier who shared our values and could meet the quality standards that we expected. It took us a year to find a supplier who was a fit for our company.

Delivery system

Quality ingredients need a quality delivery system. Please excuse our directness but most supplement ingredients end up getting flushed down the toilet. We all know that right? We take it for granted. That’s why many supplement companies put larger doses in the products, knowing where most of it will end up. It seemed wasteful (and rather old fashioned) to accept the status quo. We began another research project to explore innovative technologies and methods to improve bioavailability and absorption.

We began a bioavailability research project to explore innovative technologies and methods to improve bioavailability and absorption. The project focused on getting our ingredients where they need to be—in the bloodstream—to work effectively. Our research produced a clear leader with patented, time delay, acid resistant capsules. These patented capsules don’t open for about 72 minutes. This is important because it protects the capsules from acid in the large intestine and puts Brilliant Joints ingredients into the small intestine for maximum bioavailability into the bloodstream.

A product we feel good about

My Dad and husband were the first to test Brilliant Joints.  To say I’ve scored a few brownie points from them is an understatement. Our community of brilliant customers grows every day and it lifts my heart to hear their stories. I hope we can support you in your joint health journey.

Thats why we do what we do.

From my family to yours, I wish you…A Brilliant Life

Bek Nelson (Co-founder)

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