Choose it


Personal picture 

Remember the exercise in You are here? The one where we visualized why we’re doing this? Take a second and tune into that. Part of getting there, to that big picture, is getting moving here. Our personal picture is a powerful, positive motivator that can help energize us to take action in the here and now. Let’s use that personal picture to get started on range-of-motion and flexibility moves that will help us feel better. You know your body best. What you do is up to you. Create your own plan or get ideas from the Brilliant MOVE section where you’ll find RANGE-OF-MOTION and FLEXIBILITY activities that help arthritic joints. Tune in to you. Create a plan that works for you.

Activities for different modes

Research tells us that the brain will be a better wing (wo)man if it thinks it has a choice. Ok. Are you ready to play? Dear brain, there isn’t one range-of-motion activity that will make us feel better—there are many. From stretching in bed and slow dancing at dinner to self-massage, they all count. What will we enjoy doing? Tell me, I’m listening. Loosen up, be free and shoot me some ideas. While you’re on it brain, remember that we have different modes. Sshh? Why should I sshh? Let’s admit it. We all have different modes that show up. One of them is super social, another is hermit-like, and we both know about the super lazy one that would make great company for a sprouting potato. So can you use the activities below to come up with a plan please? Good. You’re a star. Thanks.

How will you move?
Tune in and choose what works for you.

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Know you


  • Tune in to your personal picture. Describe it, write it down or feel it.
  • What can get in your way and block you from moving more?
  • What can you do to get around those blocks in the moment they show up?

Know what and when


  • Consider range-of-motion activities that appeal to you. Write them down.
  • Explore ideas at home, online, locally and the MOVE section of Brilliant Life.
  • Commit to increase daily activity and note the effect. Rinse, repeat daily.


We get it. We really do. Starting to move can be hard. Or our mind thinks it’s hard. Let’s do our mind a favor and tell it we’ve got this.


Your personal picture

The brain will be a better wing (wo)man if it thinks it has a choice. Let’s choose our moves and get ready to get juicy. Read more in CHOOSE IT. 


Reward you

Sometimes we’re motivated, sometimes we’re not. Let’s tune in to know when we need a little extra incentivizing and what will get us moving. Read more in REWARD IT.


The 30-second challenge

Welcome to the shortest class ever. We can all do something for 30 seconds right? Don’t even get changed. Just click for class and DO IT.