Change it


Steer you

The Brilliant plan is designed to make incremental changes week-by-week so that we can rock this thing called life. So far we’ve started supplements, used our mind to help manage pain, improved sleep patterns, practiced thankfulness and added flexibility and range-of-motion activities to our weekly life. Wow. That’s a lot. Good job you. Take a moment to appreciate what you’re doing to help you feel better. If you think you need a refresher then revisit previous weeks at MY BRILLIANT PLAN. This week we’re adding vitality moves. You’re the boss of you. Steer you. Cheer you. Create your life.

The moment of choice

Habits. We all have them. Some work for us, some work against us. Some take our energy up and others take it down. If you’re like us and sometimes the bed is more appealing than morning stretches or reaching for a glass of wine easier than taking a walk then read on.

There’s an absolute moment between trigger and response when we choose to do something that will help us feel better. Often the moment comes and goes so quickly that we don’t even notice. We do what we need to without even thinking. Other times, there’s an absolute moment when we do something that doesn’t support us. This space is where change can happen. This space is where we have the opportunity to choose to change habits. Often there’s a sticky struggle between what we feel like doing and what we know is good for us. This sticky struggle is normal as we pull away from old habits and create new ones.

In those moments let’s slow, slow, slow down. Let’s use our breath to stop moving so fast, get out of auto-pilot mode and notice what’s really going on. Let’s notice when we reach for a glass of wine or a beer when what we really want is to de-stress and relax. Or when we drink a coffee instead of taking a break. In those moments, let’s take a breath and get out of autopilot mode. Let’s connect to our big picture reason for doing this, consider alternatives and steer ourselves in a new direction.

How will you create new habits?
Steer you and cheer you in a new direction.

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  • Assess how you’re doing
  • Review any weeks you feel you need to
  • Create goals and rewards for this week

Steer you


  • Which habits work for you? Which habits don’t?
  • What comes up when you notice your habits?
  • How you will keep you on track and practice steering you in a new direction?


Moving more gives us a sweet, natural high. Let’s get going and stay going.


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Steer you

Habits. Some work for us, some work against us. Some take our energy up and others take it down. Learn to CHANGE IT and steer ourselves in the right direction.