Strong spirit

When we’re not feeling physically great it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re more than our body and more than our mind. Let’s tap into that sweet, easy place and remind ourselves of our STRONG SPIRIT.

Do it

Welcome to the shortest class ever. We can all do something for 30 seconds right? Don’t even get changed. Just click for class and DO IT.

Reward it

Sometimes we’re motivated, sometimes we’re not. Let’s tune in to know when we need a little extra incentivizing and what will get us moving. Read more in REWARD IT.

Choose it

The brain will be a better wing (wo)man if it thinks it has a choice. Let’s choose our moves and get ready to get juicy. Read more in CHOOSE IT. 


Are you getting the best sleep possible? How we sleep affects everything. Let’s go back to fundamentals and SLEEP our way to better health.


When the mind is stressed, the body talks and stores tension. Tension increases arthritic pain. Explore techniques to relax and release the tension that can contribute to arthritis pain.

Week 5 overview

Arthritic pain can make us feel less like exerting ourselves. When we move less we reduce strength, stamina and mood. Aerobic moves increases our strength, stamina, mood and vitality.

Week 4 overview

All the research (and if we listen closely, that very clever quiet voice in our head) tells us that moving more will make us feel better. Let’s get started.