Strong mind

Arthritis can trigger a multitude of emotions. Let’s build the mental muscle to help us know what’s going on with these emotions and how to use them to our advantage.

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Strong body

Strong muscles support the joints and are an essential part of managing arthritis naturally. Let’s start a muscle strengthening program that builds at a pace works for us.

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Strong spirit

When we’re not feeling physically great it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re more than our body and more than our mind. Let’s tap into that sweet, easy place and remind ourselves of our STRONG SPIRIT.

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Love it

Vitality moves help manage arthritis naturally and improve stamina and mood. Use this motivation trick to get going, keep going and stay going. Read more in LOVE IT.

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Reward it

Sometimes we’re motivated, sometimes we’re not. Let’s tune in to know when we need a little extra incentivizing and what will get us moving. Read more in REWARD IT.

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