Anger protects us and our relationships. It helps us maintain the boundaries that make us feel comfortable in the life we live. Let’s get clear on what to do when anger shows up.


Contentment brings enjoyment and satisfaction with life. Often we chase it and it disappears. There’s just one thing to do when contentment shows up…


Fear protects us. Let’s train ourselves to recognize productive and stuck fear. Let’s get clear on what to do when fear shows up.

Guilt and shame

Shame maintains integrity and self-respect. Shame wants us to find the courage to be accountable and the strength to course-correct. Let’s get clear on what to do with shame.


Happiness is an internal celebration of a moment. When we put too much emphasis on happiness it jeopardizes our emotional flow and ironically makes it harder to experience. Let’s get clear on what to do with happiness.


Joy brings inspiration, bliss, radiance, communion and expansiveness. It’s an internal thank you for the beauty in this moment. Let’s get clear on how to let joy flow through us.

Catch and release

Catch & Release A strong spirit feels everything and is attached to nothing When we're not feeling physically great it's good to ...