Catch & Release

A strong spirit feels everything and is attached to nothing

When we’re not feeling physically great it’s good to remember that we’re more than our body and more than our mind. We all have a different way of describing it, but whatever the word, spirit, soul, energy, essence, heart, it’s that part of us that knows our peace and power. The part that knows we’re right where to need to be, doing what we’re supposed to. When our spirit is in flow we can be peaceful, positive, cheerful, confident and interested in life. We have a sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment. We feel able to create a life that works for us, wherever we’re at. When our spirit is blocked or stuck we can feel disconnected, helpless, powerless, hopeless, incompetent or unconfident. We can feel like life is meaningless or that we just can’t cope.

While it’s normal to flow between different emotions, getting stuck on one can consume us and put up a block that gets in the way of our life flow. A STRONG MIND, practices labeling, identifying and working through issues that come up. A strong spirit practices feeling everything and being attached to nothing. A STRONG SPIRIT knows how to catch and release.

Catch and release

Ever watched a child go from anger to tears to laughter and calm all within minutes? They remind us that we don’t have to hold on to our emotions. We can catch and release. Sit or lie down somewhere and close your eyes. Recall a time when you felt happy. Remember the feeling and let it fill you up. Let it go and recall a time when you felt sad. Remember the feeling and let it fill you up. Choose other polar emotions and move between catching the emotion and releasing it. Catch and release anger and calm, frustration and encouragement, fear and love. Notice the space in between the emotions and rest there. Build spirit muscle as you navigate polar emotions or feelings. Catch and release. Catch and release.

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