Body stats


Reduce pain and pressure

Excess weight exacerbates arthritic pain. Lifestyle, getting older, health conditions and medications can all pack on the pounds. When we take in more than we need, we put weight on. That excess weight puts extra pressure on our joints, slows us down and increases pain. Research shows that when we’re at our optimum weight—where we feel strongest and most vital—we have less pain and better joint function. Let’s learn our optimum weight range, BMI and calories requirements. Yes, let’s get to know our body stats.

1. Optimum weight range

We all have a weight range where we feel like we’re rocking it. That range is very personal. Experts base the number on many factors but we also know instinctively where that range is. Let’s get clear on what our optimum weight range. If you don’t already know it, figure it out with a doctor, Brilliant Coach or online calculator.

2. Know thy BMR & BMI

Our basal metabolic rate (BMR) and body mass index (BMI) give us guideposts to better understand our body. Our BMR helps us to understand the basic number of calories our body needs to function.  Our BMI helps us to understand our weight in relation to our height. Once we have these numbers we can Add all your details in the WEIGHT TRACKER. Your BMI will automatically calculate. Click on the DATA tab to learn your BMR & BMI.

3. Calorie count

What we eat has the biggest effect on whether we lose, gain or maintain our weight. Even more than exercise. Once you’ve added your details in the WEIGHT TRACKER, click on MEAL PLANNER to see personalized info about how many calories you need to maintain, gain or lose weight.

Are you ready to know your numbers?
Let’s do this.

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Great weight


  • Know your target weight? Enter it into WEIGHT TRACKER
  • Need help? Ask your doctor or connect with a specialist
  • Feel comfortable working it out? Use an online ideal weight calculator

Numbers knowledge


  • Enter personal details into WEIGHT TRACKER
  • Learn BMI
  • Review MEAL PLANNER and learn what your body needs


Let’s make and create choices that help us feel, think and move better.


Create change

Knowing why we eat is a step to making change. Let’s tune in and understand personal food choices. Let’s create personal power statements that support us in making choices that work for us. Now as we are.


Tune-in to tune-up

What we eat can increase inflammation and make arthritic pain worse. What we eat affects mood, pain and energy. There isn’t one diet plan that will work for everyone so let’s tune-in to tune-up.


Know your numbers

Excess weight exacerbates arthritic pain. We all have a weight range where we feel like we’re rocking it. Let’s get to know our numbers and create a plan that gets us there.