Body Scan

Body scan

Let it go

What we think and do creates tension in our body. Tension is great to build muscles and strength. Tension is not so great when it’s caused by stress, anxiety or pain. This cycle of tension has a negative loop effect and amplifies arthritic pain. Let’s train our mind to give our body a break. Let’s get familiar with what our body feels like when it’s relaxed. Are we ready to let it go?

Get started

Let’s take a walk. A walk around our body. Let’s tune it to what our body feels like when it’s relaxed. Let’s sit, stand or lie and be comfortable. Focus in at the top of the head, and notice if it feels tense. Consciously let go of the tension. Relax and release. Go with gravity and release it down to the earth. Notice how it feels. Walk around the rest of your body focusing in on the: forehead, eyes, cheek, jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, belly, hips, back, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet. Notice how it feels to release tension.

30 seconds. Go.

We can check-in to our body any time, any place. Once we’re aware of what our muscles feel like in their relaxed or contracted states we can check we can check-in with them anytime. In the same time it takes us to breathe, we can calm our body and mind. We can focus in on different areas and notice if it feels tense.  We can consciously let go of the tension. We can relax and release. Let’s go with gravity and release that tension down to the earth. Let’s notice how it feels.