Brilliant week 7

Let’s get to know you [accessally_user_firstname]

Tune in to you

We’re all so very different. As much as we (and the diet industry) would love that one magic plan works for everyone, it doesn’t. One plan will not work for everyone. This week we begin to create our own personal plan. A plan that’s developed using our own inner wisdom around what our body needs to thrive. This week we tune in to our personal eating patterns and habits. Yes, you guessed it. We’re going to do it in that super loving, non-judgy way that we love around here. We’re going to collect information and use it as a foundation to create our very own personal eating plan. A plan that fuels our body to live the best life we can. Now as we are. This week is observation week. Are you ready to get to know you better?

Food is medicine

Food has a MASSIVE effect on the quality of our life. Food influences how we think, feel and function. Let’s learn how to use food to manage arthritis naturally to reduce pain, improve mood and boost energy. Let’s look at our personal patterns and habits around what and when we eat. Let’s look at how what we eat affects our pain, mood and energy. When it comes to how food affects you, how well do you know you?

One bite at a time

Change takes time. As much as we’re wired to want it all now (or yesterday!), that’s not the way change works. If we go too fast we feel overwhelmed, disheartened or downright grumpy. Unrealistic goals can be difficult to maintain and we lose motivation. On the Brilliant plan, we’re going for change that lasts. Our plan? It’s the super slow plan. Super slow you laugh? Yes, so super slow so that we hardly notice the teeny weeny changes that build each week. Before we know it, BANG. we’ve made big changes. And another thing. While we’re doing it, let’s be so freaking kind to ourselves that we’ll feel like we just found a new best friend. Yes friends, let’s go super slow, tune in to what really feels good and create a life that works for us. Are we ready? Let’s go, go GO.