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Viva vitality [accessally_user_firstname]

Aerobic exercise helps manage arthritis naturally

We made it to week 5. Wooooo hooooo! How was your first week moving? Come and have a chat in our community, it’s a positive place to be supported and support others. We’d love to you see there [accessally_user_firstname]. This week we continue flexibility and range-of-motion moves and add vitality moves to our plan. Vitality moves are aerobic activities that increase stamina, reduce fatigue and make us feel stronger, happier, more content and energized. Aerobic exercise (the stuff that gets our heart pumping faster) is a fantastic part of a plan to manage arthritis naturally. Surprised? You’re not the only one. The trick with these moves is to make sure they’re gentle on our joints. Explore vitality moves that work for you in VIVA VITALITY.

Move more

Wherever we’re at is where we are.  Let’s do the best we can with what we have. Here at Brilliant we LOVE to start slow and grow strong. Any vitality moves, no matter how small count and will help manage arthritis naturally. The body exists on a three-dimensional plane, but so often we move in a one-dimensional way. This week we explore the three planes of movement that will help increase your range of motion, prevent injuries, and provide greater stability for our body. Let’s do this. Let’s build mobility. Let’s build vitality. One move at a time.

Coach you

Beginning an aerobic routine can be challenging. Let’s evolve our inner coach to create new habits and use motivation tools to get going and stay going. Let’s be your own best friend and make it a brilliant week.

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