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Let’s move it [accessally_user_firstname]!

There’s no way around it, moving more makes us feel better

Wherever you’re at, you are doing great. Give yourself a MASSIVE pat on the back. We’ve spent the last few weeks taking more care of ourselves, building a supplement regime, and exploring using brain, body, and mind to support us more. Last week we explored how body and brain influence each other. This week, let’s give our body more attention and begin the MOVE part of the program.

Moves that help arthritic joints

There are a lot of fabulous reasons to get moving. Moving more helps relieve arthritic symptoms and protect joints. The body also sends signals to the brain that can improve mood and wellbeing. This week, let’s get started developing a personal plan to improve range-of-motion and flexibility at a pace that feels natural, fun and supportive.

Tweak and tune personal habits

We get it. We really do. Starting to move can be hard. The mind loves to dig-in and come up with excuses as to why now is never the right time. Sorry, but there’s no way around it. We need to move more. Let’s give our mind a reason to move then tweak and tune personal habits to better support us. What are we waiting for? Let’s do this WEEK 4.

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